Music by elton johnLyrics by tim riceElton’s solo version is unreleasedSad to say our mighty rulerIs not really in the pinkHopes could not be minuscularThat he’ll come back from the brinkNot to beat around the bushHe looks like heading for his boxAt the risk of seeming pushyWe must plan for future shocksAccording to the hawk God horusOur most regal invalidIs not that much longer for usBuild another pyramidBuild it, build itAnother pyramidBuild it, build itThough all doctors and physiciansHave been summoned to his bedIt’ll soon be top morticiansWe’ll be calling for insteadWith each wheeze the nation’s hummingEgypt shakes with every coughNo two ways about what’s comingNo discussion, bets are offSoon our monarch will have filled the tombJust like his fathers didSummon egypt’s greatest builderRe: another pyramidBuild it, build itAnother pyramidBuild it, build itWe hate to depress the nationBut our leader has been toldHe should scrub his next vacationEven put tonight on holdThis is where his loyal priesthoodHas the chance to do him proudHoly leaders at the least shouldSee him happy to his shroudHe must have a vault that’s grand byAny standards floor to lidPut five thousand slaves on standbyBuild another pyramid
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Another Pyramid Lyrics