You get what you see I saw a rich fuck giving charity saw an evil empror wearing my clothes the fall from the best but they might suit you better than the rest just looking in the mirror will make you a brave man I know my place I know how begin and how I'll end strung out again hate my face you were pullin in aroused??? flying over a city of canals I don't know where I'm going and on floating face down you were voting with your party you get what you see I don't really want to know some things they just changing misrebaly Hate my face strung out again I know how I begin and how I'll end I know my place standing, smiling, on some fantasy island waiting for the moon to pull again, but the tides coming in and I'm strung out again strung out again
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Strung Out Again Lyrics

Elliott Smith – Strung Out Again Lyrics

Songwriters: SMITH, STEVEN P.
Strung Out Again lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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