Delilah was a floozyShe never gave a damnDelilah wasn’t choosyTill she fell for a swell buckarooWhose name was samDelilah got in actionDelilah did her kootchShe gave him satisfactionAnd he fell ’neath her spellWith the aid of love and hootchBut one day, so they tell usHis true wife, he did craveDelilah, she got jealousAnd she tracked him, and hacked himAnd dug for sam a graveIt’s always that way with passionSo cowboy, learn to behaveOr else, you’re liable to cash inWith no tombstone on your graveDelilah, oh delilahShe’s no babe in the woodRun cowboy, run a mile-ahIf you love that kind of womanShe’ll do you no good
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Sam & Delilah Lyrics