You don't know what you mean to me
I made a big mistake
Now my lifes full of misery
My days full of heartache
Aint nothin' bout you I don't love
Back then I wanted something else
But now that I've realized
I wasn't aware of how I felt

I went into our room and looked around
Nothin' since has seemed the same
All of the memories of us in there
Have gone up in flames

You know I miss you
Can't get my life on track
I pray to God each and everyday
That I will get you back
Baby I love you
I can't show you how much I care
I look over my shoulder
And hope that you'll be there

I remember back when we first met
You were always stuck in my head
I knew you had to be with me forever
And when you asked me if I loved you
I said forever and ever

But as I sit in this empty room
That's filled with
The lost and broken memories of you


Now with just one pillow on a queen sized bed
I got my back to the door
You still stuck inside my head
I've never wanted anything more
Then for me to get another chance
This time I will be your everything
Because ever since you left all I have done
Is go through pain and suffering


I look over my shoulder
And hope you'll be there
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Over My Shoulder Lyrics

Eli Ulery – Over My Shoulder Lyrics