(Verse 1)
We have been friends since the day we met
You could always make me laugh
But after months of bad relationships
I've decided I'm not ok with that
I told myself again and again
That were better off this way
But when I woke up this morning I decided
It was the end of our "just friends" days
You may not feel the same way
And I know I might sound crazy
I don't want us to just be friends
I want you to be my baby
(Verse 2)
We had a one night thing in January
We both swore we'd never tell
But not knowing what would happen
Has been living hell
(Repeat Bridge folllowed by chorus)
(Bridge 2)
So now that your single
Girl it's awful simple
I just wanna say...
(Repeat Chorus)
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My Baby(Samanthas Song) Lyrics

Eli Ulery – My Baby(Samanthas Song) Lyrics