I don't wanna lose the sense of life.
I just need to keep it's pace.
There's a struggle in my mind and it must turn to the end.

Now I see the way to stay alive
After million other ways.
I will never build my castle in the sand.

I only wanna be real to throw away
All of the stones I'm crawling under,
Burdens of false impressions that I feel. I feel.

I'm gonna start the brand-new day.
I will reborn to strike like thunder,
Then maybe you will see that I am real. I'm real.

Everybody wants to hide inside
To be nothing but a shade
Lost in labyrinths of apathy and lie for all times.

You can fool yourself, your soul, your pride...
But you can't deceive your fate.
Someday you will find some truth behind these lines.
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Wanna Be Real Lyrics

Elen Cora – Wanna Be Real Lyrics