I saw an ant devour sherman mountain.Slip across the floor in the river of honey.I saw the locust drinking from a fountain.It smiled at me as I paid my money.ChorusCaus’ I’m a witness, witness, see the writing on the wall.I’m a witness, witness, I say I’ve seen it all.Caus’ I’m a witness, witness, I’ve got all the proof.I’m a witness, witness, I swear to tell the truth.I saw her buying in the face of fashion.Who’ll believe with her little white lies.I saw her arrive on my bed of passion.But I never saw a look of love in her eyes.ChorusSome days my eyes can see for miles and miles around.Some nights my dreams just take me deep underground.My minds a time machine, I’m in the future and the past.The past... scrape away...(violin solo)ChorusChorusWitness, witness, witnessWitness, witness, witnessWitness, witness, witnessWitness, witness, witness
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Witness Lyrics

Electric Light Orchestra – Witness Lyrics