A look a-thereHere she comesHere comes that girl againWanting to date herSince I don’t know whenBut she don’t notice me when I passShe goes with all the guys from a-out of my classBut that ain’t stopping me from thinking to myselfShe’s sure [good] looking manShe’s something elseA look a- there’cross the streetThere’s a car made just for meTo own that carWould be a luxuryBut right now I can’t afford the gasA brand new convertible is out of my classBut that ain’t stopping me from thinking to myselfThat car’s good looking manIt’s something elseHey look a-thereJust wait and seeWork hard and save my doughI’ll buy that carI can roll up and showGet me that girl and we’ll go riding aroundWe’ll look real sharp with a black top downI keep right on a-dreaming and a-thinking to myselfWhen it all comes true manShe’s something elseLook a-hereWhat’s all this? Never thought I do this beforeBut here I am a-knocking on her doorMy car’s out front and it’s all mineIt’s a [sixty-seven] job not a fifty nineI got that girl and I’m a-thinking to myselfShe’s [good] looking manShe’s something e
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Something Else Lyrics