Your coming up the walk, Your banging on the doorthe seconds of the lonelinessare coming through the floorlet it run, let it run, let it runand out of the band comes a guitar mansinging come on let it runcalled up alone gathered up the lighttold everyone that everything’s was going finelet it run, let it run, let it runfrom out of the corner cam johnny be goodsinging come on let it runwhoa, and up above the stars are brightand well let it run let it run tonightup above the stars are brightlet it run let it run tonight, tonight, tonightit’s getting louder now it’s pounding at my brainand if it ever stops I’m gonna start it up againlet it run, let it run, let it runfrom out of the valley came long tall sallysinging come on let it runi’m already gone let it runcome on let it run
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Let It Run Lyrics

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Electric Light Orchestra – Let It Run Lyrics

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