I wake and yawn at the crack of dawnWith dewdrops on my feetAs I rise up to greet the morningNothing much to eatEvery breath I take seems to make my body acheMy only friend is mist on a monday morningPick up my sack and walk for milesNever thinking whyTo the brewer’s yard where I can sitAnd watch my life go byDrink and drink all day till my memory melts awayI need a friend like mist on a monday morningWhere’s my wife, has she goneI hear misty morning callOne foot resting in the graveDestined not to see her anymoreThere’s a den in the grass by the autopathOf corrugated steelI may be sleeping there tonightAnd depending how I feelDamp and dirty placePrinting sorrow on my faceWith nothing but the mist on a monday morningChorusFrom... I feel the sinLike wheels upon my feetIntoxicated by the nightI stumbled in the streetEvery breath I take seems to make my body acheAnd drift into the mist on a monday morning
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Mist On A Monday Morning Lyrics