Mister mackan was a practical man,Curly was his only son,And he loved him like no other can,Bi-dum, bi-dum, bi-dum.He discovered the world in a wonderful girl,Though he played with more than one.But he loved her like no other can.Bi-dum, bi-dum, bi-dumChorus:Oh curly has she let you down and run? Oh curly where’s your girly? where’s she gone? Ran all over the town,Till he covered the ground,Every inch of liverpool,In a way I feel so badThat she let he be made a fool.But remember she’s right,As we freeze in the night,When the dawn took years to come,Does he love her like no other canBi-dum, bi-dum, bi-dumChorusNow curse the day,Yes it really shok you good.Just broke away, no,You didn’t feel she would.You didn’t feel she would.La-da-da, na- na- na- na-Desolation tones play onThough it breaks you curlyCan’t you see what she has gone and done? He discovered the worldSuch a wonderful girl,So he played with more than one,But he loved her like no other canBi-dum, bi-dum, bi-dumOh curly, where’s she gone? You didn’t feel she would.Feel she would. la-da-da,Na-na-na, na-na-na, na-na-na
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Curly Lyrics