(it was one morning when I woke up, and then I found out that they’d signed somePapers, and then I was gonna be kept in a bed owing to my state of mind.And then I found out that the authorities had said, um, that I’d gottaHave special food fed to me for my thoughts, um, and I think it’s because,Because I was going off my...)HeadSunbeam from flowered skiesTwenty thousand butterfliesGlorify my...Turn from hot to very coolThough it seems incredibleI could ride a bike around the roomCherry blossom clinicIs there any truth in what they sayCherry blossom clinicLock me in and throw the key awayIn this sad position where I lieFrom the corner of my eyeCallous friends just pass me byDoctor pays a visitEveryday I keep asking for my dadThey must think I’m going madLift the blankets off my faceQuick before I suffocateTrying hard to meditateTell the people, what a sceneWrite a letter to the queenAsking her if she can come to teaChorusUp above the sun is highLike a tea tray in the skyHelicopter lands upon my bedPhantom horses quickly fadeTurning into lemonadeProbably feel better when I’m deadChorus
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Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited Lyrics