Leaving the grind the mirror behind
Loosing the ringth then and there
Whisper it was someone else and not me
How I wish I could

I keep the secret within deep inside
Grasping without reaching anything
I am alone here to seek for the truth
And your dead star is burning be weak

I am a ghost
Dwelling inside myself

Please forgive me if you're able
I do not know what I do
The inner autumn shrouds everything
The eternal rain that drown my soul

I am a ghost
Dwelling inside myself
I can not bare this anymore
As I am you

Together forever
In a masquerade of life and death
Forever together
The vision reached me from a dream
Together forever
Erverlasting scars, soul torture
Forever together forever

Impossible to leave this void
Unwilling to reveal the true face
Although I reckon this path is the only
And is it true that I can't resist

The soil has turned into stone
As I turn around and face myself
So close to the end
Unable to hear
The syncronized heartbeats of my dearest

The moon didn't shine that night
Clouds gave way for the blackest sky
The spoken words translated into silence
And no one was to blame but me
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Forever Together Forever Lyrics

Edge Of Sanity – Forever Together Forever Lyrics