At home where I wanna be
Wrapping presents by the Christmas Tree
With my babay, It's just my baby and me!
Got the Little ones tucked in bed
Dreams of Santa runnin throught their heads
I'm so happy, It's so much fun to believe!
Julie Anna wants a rocking horse
My daughter Chealsea wants adoll that talks
Little Johnny wants a BB Gun
Momma Says he just too young
(Just too young)
Everybody Loves Christmas
Everybody has fun
That time of the year that holiday cheer
A good time for everyone!
Everybody loves Christmas
Now know it's Almost here!
It's Christmas Day!(Christmas Day)
CHecking off my list I'm almost done
Had to buy a gift for everyone!
It don't matter it's just that time of the year
I spend the money and I don't look back!
Baby you could wake up in a caddalack!
The man told me he said "Don't worry sign here"
Everybody in the neighbourhood
Got the houses lookin really good!
All your worries kinda disappear
It won't happen more than once a year
Christmas time ishere again! Everyone loves Christmas
You can feel it everywhere(it's that time of the year)
Little children havin fun(When little kids cheer)
When he has something for everyone
Everybody loves Christmas
Everybody has fun!
It's that time of the season
It's the timeto have fun!
Uh oh oh oh oh
Repeat last line of chorus two times
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Everybody Loves Christmas Lyrics

Eddie Money – Everybody Loves Christmas Lyrics