I sent my son off to die
'Cause of a murderous countries lie
But the trees still grow
And the birds still fly
The ghost of Davy Jones is walking high tonight.

Muster now young soldier boy
And grab your gun
The money men they need you now
You poor man's son
But the wind still moans
And the oceans cry
The ghost of Davy Jones is walking high tonight.

Sally Anne
Young bride with child
I've never seen
Your picture taped inside the door
Of my Humvee
When the bullets fly
The birds they know
Sally tell our unborn son I
Died for Rome.

Blackened cash
The cameras flash
Decisions made
The hungry fat cats eagerly
Dig all our graves
When the trees won't grow
And the oceans die
You're twice removed
From Davy Jones
With all your pride.

Fall into line
I can't
I can't this time
Fall into line
I can't this time

See the red horizon break
Apart the seams
It's so unending
We are like a breath of air
Our days are like a shadow passing
Nothing more that we would want
Than endless war fulfilled so we can
This I think as my turn comes to kill
My mind's an improvised explosive
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Davy Jones Lyrics

Echo Helstrom – Davy Jones Lyrics