Yo Dre where's the goddamn drum machine?

Aw s**t I left the m*******a with Poog

You dumb m*******a
What the f**k we gonna do now?

Hey, man I got some drums in the back

Man what the f**k is he talkin' bout

[M. C. Ren]
Yo does it look like we can play some fu***n' drums?

Man I can play the drums

[Everyone except Yella]

Man I used to f**k it up at Compton


[M. C. Ren]
Give this n***a some sticks....
Yo f**k it up Yella

[M. C. Ren]
Yo were two hard muthafuckaz
Takin' out any punk a** suckaz
Can you believe this or so be frightened
Were strong as f**k, with the power of a titan
Settin' a mark of destruction get it
So don't front, and say you ain't with it
You wanna rumble with us you can't hang
Cause were something like a two man gang
Start some s**t is what we do best
Scared by the suckaz say f**k the rest
So yo Eazy bust it and shoot to kill
And tell these stupid muthafuckaz the deal

I look you dead in the eye and I spit
Tell you to your face punk you ain't s**t
I don't give a goddamn about feelin's
I'm just as a happy as long as I'm killin'
A 187 is in progress n***a
Just as soon as I pull this trigger
Automatic heavily I start firin'
And the kids on the block
I'm the one there admirin'
A bad mouth n***a on the violent tip
I catch you talkin' some s**t
And I'mma bust your lip
Now who you gonna tell that I'm makin' ya soft
The police ain't s**t cause I pay 'em off
I move slow always ready to go so f**k it
And b*****s on my d**k they know they can suck it
I'm a hard head, always havin' a fit
When I'm not allowed to tear up s**t

[Eazy-E & M. C. Ren]
I'm a hard m*******a

2 Hard Muthafuckaz! (x4)

[M. C. Ren]
Now look at me I'm a crazed b***h
With a case to a profanity pitch
Ren is a n***a that don't give a f**k
To p***y a** fool tryin' to press his luck
I'm ready to scrap that's if your ready to go
I take you out goin' toe to toe
E saw the conversion and hit you from the back
While you gettin' f****d by a ruthless jack
Critical condition is what you recieved
Thinkin' up some back up to go on retrieve
But Eazy tell what would happen my man
Eazy-E: "they would get fucked up by a ruthless clan"
So it's simple we don't give a f**k right
So you and ya boys can get the f**k out my site
I'm on tilt with class gettin' ready to blast
Cause I'm a hard m*******a

2 Hard Muthafuckaz! (x4)

Eazy and Ren is fu***n' it up again
Schemin' up a plot before we begin
Cause ni***z like to stare like a b***h sometimes
They say how can them ni***z have some a hell of a rhyme

[M. C. Ren]
It's simple tell 'em what we mean
When the two baddest muthafuckaz step on the scene

Now this is some s**t

[M. C. Ren]
Yo what are you sayin'

You stupid muthafuckaz they think I'm playin'
Talkin' all kinda s**t of s**t but I'm crackin' it up
I can afford to laugh cause I'm backin' it up
I'm not a busta I'm more like a hitman
So if you don't wanna throw then you can get down
You don't like the f**k away from me
So you can stop the s**t, tryin' to f**k the E

[M. C. Ren]
You heard what he said
It's the truth so what's up
So if you want me to go then I'mma bout to nut up
The 2 baddest muthafuckaz alive
So I don't think you and your boys can survive
You gotta girl, well if she's good to go
I bet me and E already f****d the hoe
A train was in effect and your b***h was rott
By a hell of a n***a that was hard to stop

Yo Ren lets jet lets get the f**k on out

[M. C. Ren]
Because everybody knows what where talkin' about

[Eazy-E & M. C. Ren]
Where two hard muthafuckaz!

2 Hard Muthafuckaz! (x4)
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2 Hard Mutha's Lyrics

Eazy-e – 2 Hard Mutha's Lyrics