Jerry peters & jean hancockI know that I’m afraid of lveThe tolls seems very steepYour goals so uncontrollableImpossible to keepDespite the songs of lucky onesThose very special fewCan’t right the wrongs that often comeNo matter what we doI imagine that the feeling’s close to noneAll that passion running rampant sounds like funBut when the trouble startsI’ve heard of broken heartsA hackneyed phrase-but one that I suspect is trueAnd so I wonder will I win or will I loseMost come down, familiar ground a safer veiwNo more concerned with if they win or if they loseThe journey must be madeThe hand is dealt, it must be playedIt comes to all of us, we can’t escape our duesBut I’m still holding backI want my heart intactUntil the time that I’m unable to refuseInconsequential if I stumble up the rocksOr catapulted if I shoot right to the topWhen I on love dependMy only question will I lose or will I winSo I wonder, yes I wonder
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Win Or Lose Lyrics