Bill young, maurice white & ralph johnsonOvernite, I’m caught up in your loveMy surprise, babyAll at once, you’re all I’m thinking ofCome, share my lifeChorus:I’m here for youWelcome to my loveEmbracing youWelcome to my loveBridge:Girl, my love is for youWelcome to a love that’s trueI think about the time I spend with youHappy days babyThe more I touch, the more I want of youYou changed my waysChorus:Got next to meWelcome to my loveCan I talk to youWelcome to my loveVamp:You’re my dream come trueWelcome love to me and youWhile I’m layin’ next to youWelcome love to a love that’s trueLet me talk to youWelcome love for to be with you
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Welcome Lyrics

Earth Wind And Fire – Welcome Lyrics