M.c. hammer & k. lynette pattersonRap:Yo! bust this!I got a plan to take you by the handAnd whisper in your ear thatI wanna be your manSo understand the bottom line planI do do do do wanna be your manYou’ve been on a mission babyTo find the man in your lifeYou heart-it’s been illin’ babyTo find someone to treat you rightThe question now is meWill it hurt ya to believeThe love you see in my eyesTho distant you choose to beMy sincerityWill bring you around in timeChorus:Wanna be wanna be wanna be wanna beWanna be I wanna be the man in your life!!!Rap:Right now I need your attentionAnd be the man when you talkThat you mentionYour old lover he don’t need no extension’cause he’s out and I’m whatcha missin’I’ve got a vision babyI can see a change coming in sightMy heart! open to you babyI feel our love coming to lightAlone you do all rightMy love will take you highHigher higher, higher higherI’ll be there by your sideOn clouds we will rideThrough the raining stormRap:I need a minute and I’ll be in itYou’ve got the love and you know I wanna win itStop looking ’cause you’ve been foundAnd your love is cold sweeterThan a chocolate moundSo give it to me and understandThat I’m the one who wanna be your manI gotta plan to take you by the hand’cause I wanna, wanna, wanna, wanna, be your manBust it!Yo! let’s dance yeahFunky music and this is defThe kickin’ sound of ewfAnd they do it like nobody elseHyped up like myself yeah!ChorusRap:Hold on baby, wait a minuteSo give it to me and come my wayAnd be my lover for the rest of my daysGive it to me and come on through’cause I wanna, wanna, wanna, wanna be with youChorus
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Wanna Be The Man Lyrics