Maurice white, wayne vaughn & wanda vaughnNot to say that I’m a matchmakerBut when it comes to youYou met your matchYou’re inclined to leave me fascinatedBy the things you doMy baby danceYou can bet your bottom dollar honeyI’ll be with you through thick and thinI would love to give a testimony’bout the way you are, you’re my best friendI’ve been thinking of youGot me wondering what would I doGot me thinking I’ll be trueGot me wondering I’m thinking of youYou’re the one that makes my love light shineEvery time, morning till nightIt’s your sentimental way you showThe kind of love you giveMakes it allrightWhat you give is extraordinaryIt’s a way of life, I like to liveI could be with you forever,’cause lovin’, gives me a thrillGirl, I appreciateThe love we generateYou keep me, satisfiedJust the sun, that shinesDeep in this heart of mineYour love shining thru
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Thinking Of You Lyrics