M. davisThey don’t see what ya are to meGuiding light for all to seeSaw a man the other daySaid he was givin’ up his babeGonna turn his back on godMake his day twice as hardPeople say I’m a foolBut can I really beSay it really was white miseryProtestant, and catholic, arabs and the jewsGonna turn your back on godBut is it really trueWoman on the cornerShe brings tears to my eyesI really hate to see people ruinin’ their livesWell I’m readin’ the newsAin’t nothin’ changed, ain’t nothin’ newPain comes down like the fallin’ rainBut you saw it and don’t feel the sameWhen ya love, love with all your heartFrom the very start...
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They Don’t See Lyrics

Earth Wind And Fire – They Don’t See Lyrics