SkylarkThe human race is runnin’ over meI punch a clock at 9 and 5Just tryin’ to make a livin’A plastic face on satellite tvSays, life is filled with give and takeHe’s takin’ and I’m givinSo I dance(hook)It’s my system of survival (sos)I’m dancin’System of survival (sos)It’s a system of survivalFuture revivalGreet the new arrival(bridge)At times it’s the only wayI’m gonna make it through this day(chorus)Everybody get upDo your danceKeep survivin’Everybody get upDo your danceStay aliveA city nightI walk a street in fearWhile politicians brag aboutA paperwork solutionAnother lifeI shed another tearI’m waiting for somebody newTo lead the revolutionSo I dance(hook)It’s my system of survival...(repeat hook and chorus)(sos) send it outSend it out, send it out, send it out...
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System Of Survival Lyrics

Earth Wind And Fire – System Of Survival Lyrics