Maurice white, sonny emory, morris pleasure & sir james baileyChange been da sameGrowing painsSince love begun da gameThangs do they thangThrough the strainTo the plane they’re born to beHarmony of diversitySing responsibility(from you & me)Sankofa!Stand for yours!Unite humanity(for you & me)Know (grow show)Pure loveRevolution just evolutionThis war zone is not a homeGrow and showPure loveRevolution just evolutionBless our sisters, fathers,Mothers, brothers, (steve bikos)Who press us ahead of schoolsTaught us right beenCondemned to winAnd said keep the golden rule(show unto others pure love, children)Harmony of our diversityMeans accoutabilityThe sacrifice been paidThe price, ’nuff blood shedTo beg us to see(be true indeed, true indeed, yeah)AffirmativeAction attackSocial welfare cutbacksKlans without hats runnin’ prison campsPeelin’ capsOf mumia’s, gonzolo’s, peltier’s & geronimo prattsBeat down and shot in the backOver some don’t cross the border crapNow how we actAin’t up to usIf trully be in God we trustBut must we stand for the lustTo make our ducs and liveBig up rauf-move ona moveYa digRevolution
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Revolution Lyrics