Morris butch stewartEverybody wants to be a starEverybody wants to be accepted by the massEverybody wants to be raging fireBut their heat don’t lastEverybody wanta peek into my dreamsThey try to figure out if I’m just full of jiveEverybody wanta ride in my limousineBut nobody wants to driveChorus:But I’m the kingI’m the king of grooveYes I’m the kingI’m the king of grooveHe’s the king of groove (I cant’t lose)(summon the royal brass)Everybody want a piece of the pieBut they’ll take a pass if it’s a case of do or dieThe greener syndrome is at handWe’ll kick the feline or come forth and take a standIf you’re wishing on a starOoh I pray your wishes bring you to receive the callThe king of groove is going farAnd in my kingdom there is room for allChorus:’cause I’m the kingI’m the king of grooveYes I’m the kingI’m the king of grooveBridge:King of grooveI can’t lose,Stand back and watch my moves’cause I’m the king of grooveI’m the king yeah I’m the kingYeah iiiI’m the king of grooveHe’s the king of grooveThat’s rightBridge:Well, you’ve got yourThis of that and your that of thisWith the king of groove baby you can’t missYou got your joan of arcAnd your house of waxBut with the king of grooveYou’ll be jammin’ backYou got your dukes of hazzard and your duke of earlAnd the queen of sheba, she was one bad girlAretha franklin, she’s the queen of soulBut the king of grooveIs in controlHe’s got the lord of lordsAnd the king of kingsHe keeps the king of grooveDoing his thingYou can’t stop himNo matter what you do’cause you’re dealing withThe king of groove
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King Of Groove Lyrics