Maurice white, sheldon reynolds, betty reynolds, melanie andrews & morris pleasureYeahWoke up feeling good todayGonna make good with the things I sayNever forgettin’ where I came fromOr my people, that I loveGonna sing for the peopleIn the name of loveLet your voices ringGonna sing a little louderLet your voices ringGonna sing a little louderIn the name of loveLet every heart singBop-ba, bop-baReminiscin’ on what we’ve doneAll around the world I’m speaking ofJust the good things we wanna focus onAll the bad things turn to stoneCome on sing it now in the name of loveCome on keep it realOooh, we need to know how you feelCome on, sing now if you feel the loveGet up and show, if you feel itBop-ba, bop-ba a da diIn the name of loveBop-ba, bop-ba a da diLet the voices singWe do it all in the name of love
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In The Name Of Love Lyrics