Maurice white, robert brookings & sly stoneItґs the kind of a niteUґcould use a friendYou feeling a lossAnd you need a winA perfect elevenBetween one and tenGot the right wayTo make a sad nite endIf my mindWas being readShe made a natural moveAs if iґd saidWanted to slow danceMy mind is on romanceAnd I want to scoreChorus:Oooh oooh !From rock and rollTo r&bOperatingSymphone-ingDonґt know what she saidDo know what she meantOne arm pointedOther arm bentMaking sounds youSeldom hearMoved her headMake it all clearShe gave me a cardFor the handicappedSay iґm a specialistAt body rapChorusBridge.Come into my worldBe a believer a living achieverSee what your thoughts can guaranteeChorusAd lib
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Good Time Lyrics