Maurice white, robert brookins, stephanie mills & m.c. hammerWhen you find a brand new loveIsn’t it fun loveThat special one to kiss and hugIsn’t it fun loveBridge:I want youEvery nightHeart cries outTo hold you tightYou walked inTimes were blueNothing babyI won’t doChorus:For the love of you-oohFor the love of you-oohThere’s a sweetness in your smileIsn’t it fun loveA wild flower you drive me wildIsn’t it fun loveBridge:Touch me babyWith your loveStir the passionYou’re thinking ofStay with meA while toniteWe will flyUntil morning lightChorusBridge:Don’t you know how I feelHere’s my love I’m for realTime is right give us a chanceNothing-i won’t do-for youRap:To each his all and all the love I’ve grownThree rolls of quarters in the telephoneOne at a time and I’m glad she’s mineFor the love of her and that’s for a long timeI want her, I love her, I keep thinking of herI want to be her friendBecause I’m definitely not her brotherI’ll make it clear that I’ll always be nearAnd for the love of you my love is hereNot so up on, one can always be taughtFor the love of you many brothers have foughtSo comprehend the feelings are trueA day don’t go by without thinking of youYou’re smooth as the night and I get hypeYour love and mine are the perfect type, yeah!I write a letter or play you a songWe should get busy yeah get it onPumping out heat, burning like fireFall in love with youYeah that’s my desireBridgeChorus
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For The Love Of You Lyrics