Philip bailey, allee willis & a.z. gilesHet gets wild at nightGotta sleep all day’cause he’s wound so tightBlowing his brains awayHe’s in the land of the freeAnd he wants to beSomeone they all say will make goodBut what’s reality when you’re from the hoodIt’s evil yea, yea, yea(chorus)Evil, evil roy, who is fooling whoDon’t you know evil evil someoneWatching youWell he got no job so he peddling-fearTrying to push so hardNo way out of hereIt’s just the law of the streetToo much heatPressure cooking, gonna explodeBut where you gonna beIf you lose controlIt’s evil yea yea yea(chorus)(bridge)Can’t you see that your wayIs going nowhere fastAnd your time is just running outFighting fire with fireIt will never passIf evil’s what your life’s about(out chrus)When you take never givingHide the painYou stop living
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Evil Roy Lyrics