Maurice white, david foster & allee willisI’ve been waiting so long,Just watching the phone, for you.To wait, it takes,Love that’s for realAnd all, that I feel, inside to do.I come prepared, to look in your eyesAnd walk side by side,With you--baby, baby.Listen for tender words, I’d like to sayLike I love you today, and I’ll waitFor you.ChorusIt’s crazy, if you think, we’re just friends.Loving when, infatuation ends.The wait for you, baby it now begins.You sigh, when I come close to your heart.You cry, from the start,Please wait for me.Your mind, shows, places you go,And things you don’t know.Someday you’ll grow.Climbing a moutain high,Your love I desire.Inside my heart cries for you.ChorusBaby, we’re more, than friends--I know, the wait will end ./.
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Wait Lyrics