Ian princeYou were so right all alongI wouldn’t believe till love had goneReplacing the old with the newAnd now that I want to see it throughYou tell me you careBut he’s still inside your heartAnd it’s tearing me apartThat I’m anything you wantChorus:I’ll be there to listen to everything you cryAll you needEver to believe in you without a reason whyFor your loveI’ll be near to be with you to wipe the tear awayThough it’s hard for meI’m anything you want(I’ll be anything...)Baby, it was so wrong and we both knewAnd yet it was all that I could doYou were living a life you could not feelThinking he was the way to make it realCan’t let him goI’m still a part of youI’ll do what I must doAnything you wantChorusBridge:Every time you talk about humYou’ll never know how it hurts my heartBut, I’ll be there for you babyHe’s still inside your heartIt’s tearing me apartAnything you wantI’ll be there...Chorus
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Anything You Want Lyrics