Maurice white & larry dunnWe know it’s been time talking to you,So we figure we lay it on you.Let you know how we feel about, love.Paint a pretty smile, each dayLovin, is a blessing,Never let it fade away.It’s all about loveBuild yourself a true romance,There’s beauty that surround youYou deserve, just one more chanceMy dear, my dearLet the light snine, all throughYour mind feel your little, heart a glow.Take the time, make up your mindIt’s all about loveTalking to yourself is fine makesYou feel, much better,Know just where to draw the lineMy dear, my dearBound to fall in love one daySurely and you need it,Pretty smile will always sayIt’s all about loveWe want to take this moment to runDown a couple of things about thingsWe see everyday.Now, I want you to stop whatever you’re doing.You’re doing. just stop.You know, they say there’ s beautyIn the eyes which I say is not the fact.’cause you are as beautiful as yourThoughts, right on.You know, for instance, we study all kinKinds of sciences, astrogy, mysticism,Religion, so forth we did.And like coming from here place, all these things helpBecause if you’re inside your inner selfHave mercy!Now. there’s an outer self we got to deal withThe one that likes to go to parties,One that likes to dress up and be coolAnd look pretty, all ego-trips avel all this.Hear you all, I’m trying to tell you,You gotta love you. and learn all the beautiful things around you,Trees and birds. and if there ain’t no beauty,You got to make some beauty. have mercy!Listen to me, yeah!
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All About Love Lyrics