Open my eyes again.
I've seen it before but I forget how it ends.
Thinking too deep at times
Leaves me short of breath
So please simplify everything for me that's left.

Don't wanna sit around
Never will be found
Following a way of life that brings so many people down.
Everything's so calculated
Give it two more days
Maybe she picked up the phone and hesitated
This is who I am today and tomorrow
This is who I am today and tomorrow

Listens to me
But only with her eyes
And the world turns only so many times
I can't wait for you to find me
In your heart beneath your fear
Well I've moved on and you're still here..... Silence describes it best
The less you have, the less you have to impress

And time's the only difference between my dreams and reality
So tell me this is real


If what you say is true
Then I'll wait days and days and days for you.
And when you put your pen to paper
I'd rather read you than Shakespeare.
In a poem she once read to me
She lay in my arms so silently
She said she was my guitar and I was her voice and we were in tune
This is my choice.
And I knew it was right
When I kissed your lips that night
It's the feeling inside
That answers all my questions to why
You bring out the best in me
And I wanna bring out the best in you
That's only if you want me to

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Don't Wanna Sit Around Lyrics

Dylan Murray – Don't Wanna Sit Around Lyrics