(carole bayer-sager & peter allen)Quiet please, there’s a lady on stageShe may not be the latest rageBut she’s singing and she means itAnd she deserves a little silenceQuiet please, there’s a woman up thereAnd she’s been honest through her songsLong before your consciousness was raisedDoesn’t that deserve a little praiseSo put your hands together and help her alongAll that’s left of the singer’sAll that’s left of the songStand for the ovationAnd give her one last celebrationQuiet please, there’s a person up thereAnd she’s been singing of the thingsThat none of us could bear to hear for ourselvesGive her your respect if nothing elseQuiet please, there’s a lady on stageConductor, turn the final pageAnd when it’s over we can all go homeBut she lives on -- on the stage alone.
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Quiet Pleasere’s A Lady On Stage Lyrics