First off- dismiss/ All of the lies- what brought you to this?/ In what you feel what you need how do you exist/ When there's far too many problems to list/ As you watch your future fleeting falling further away/ In what you feel what you need everything you say/ Every minute every second every single day/ Second-guessing choosing which path you will pave…it's not right/

Chorus: And I swear I'd give it all/ But it's never enough/ And when this is said and done/ Did you want it as much?/ But you knew what went around will come back to you/ But it makes no difference cause its through…cause I'm through with you!

Give up- give in/ It's like the limits that your life's been lived in/ And all around you it's the same that it's ever been/ But you'll never see that cause it doesn't quite sink it/ That where the future's headed you will walk it alone/ Gone are the dreams and the plans you are on your own/ Left with nothing everything that you've been shown/ Has been forgotten for the promise of a life unknown…so not right


Everything you want it to be I'll do that/ Blinded by the light you see I feel that/ Running from the truth it brings I see that/ Never knowing what it means We share that/ Running from it trying to hide Don't do that/ Looking for a way not to mind Don't do that/ Feeling no ones on your side Don't say that/ Slowly lose your mind…

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The Perfect Enemy Lyrics

Dry Kill Logic – The Perfect Enemy Lyrics