Too Thick like Grenadine
So glimmering
So Shimmering
Out grinning
In Grenadine
I need an old reminder
Thought it through and threw away
Lost my time in the time of day
Slips the words
Downsized my brain
I'm coming for you

You'll live to fight another day
The greatest wrong you'll never pay
Art is pointless and pretend
Lips in out and overspent
Their just more bad metaphors
Pushing with my image door
I'm feeling tired I"m feeling sick
I'm coming for you
I'm coming for ya looking in

I knows the words will run away
Another voice will speak say
You lost your chance before you it began
I'm coming for ya looking in
Just take another plunge ya said
Close your eyes and grab the thread
Their not much ego left to bend
I'm coming for you looking in
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I Demand Euphoria Lyrics

Dreams From Gin – I Demand Euphoria Lyrics