Bright skies on my mind,
Am I a free man or a prisoner?
I spent all my life trying to survive.
Tired eyes don't feel this way.
I've been awake for far too long.
I'm over feeling like the only man alive.
A story with no end.

Delay the senses that came to us.
Father can you hear me?
Why don't you see us struggling?
We've all forgotten the last line so help us with this one.
Why can't you see that everyone you love is hating?
You won't die in my own hands.

Don't be afraid just yet.
If you take one step and push away those dreams
You will soon enough again wake up to the memories of times shared.

So now we'll sing,
Just because it's beautiful
And not because it sounds sane.
And now we'll sing,
Just because it's beautiful
And not because we can.

Now that your lies have all unfolded
You would see that my hands aren't as cold
As you think they would be.
With no direction,
Just straight ahead.
Ignored will be my voice which was meant to be safe.
Save you from a story
That you won't ever forget.

A story with no end,
We can't be stopped.
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Blackened Sun Lyrics

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Dream On Dreamer – Blackened Sun Lyrics

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