Here I am once again
Where we left off, where I come in
You're half-asleep to underscore
That you're the one it's over for
I'm up drinking scotch on suicide watch
I can see your shifty eyes
Those 51-50 eyes
They'll never know, we'll never learn
It's ever so, forever turn
The pressure up a notch on suicide watch

I've been here before
It's the only time I ever see you any more
You're so good at this routine
And I'm a suicide watch machine
It's nice to spend this time with you
I know we'll do it again in a month or two
When I get called in on a suicide watch again

Ah na na, suicide watch

I'm not much of a safety net
Well what did you expect to get
When all I have to give to you
Is to 51-50 you
And try not to botch another suicide watch

Ah na na, suicide watch
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Suicide Watch Lyrics

Dr. Frank – Suicide Watch Lyrics