(Jake Steed's lines are in {}'s)

(Y抋ll ready to get nasty?)

{s**t!}.... Yeah! Ohhh...
Oh, that p***y is good tho...}
Oh, s**t!
{It抯 good!}
Ohhh! Ohhh!
F**k, you hurtin? Me b***h! {Oh s**t!}
Ohhh! {Oh, yeah you抮e da b***h, beotch!}
Ohhh! {Oh s**t!}
(You抮e hurtin? Me!)
(You抮e hurtin? Me!)
{Damn!} (Ohhh!)
You抮e makin? My p***y sore, b*****d! {Oh s**t!}
{Oh, my nuts!}
Aww, f**k me! {Ohhh!} f**k...
{Oh s**t yo? Face!} (Ohhh!) {Oh, damn, damn, damn, oh,
S**t, oh,
Fuckin in my a**, b*****d!
{s**t! Ohhh... Ohhh... Damn!}
Oh, s**t I can抰 see! (Ohhh...)
Oh, s**t! {Oh, s**t!}
F**k! {w***e!} Ahhh...
{Damn, that s**t was good...}
Ahhh, oh s**t...
{Ohhh, my god...}
Ohhhh.... Ohhhh... Ohhhh...
Oh, that s**t feels so good...
Ohhh... Ohhh... Ohhh...
Oh, get the f**k up! Oh, get the f**k up now!
Oh you f****d the s**t out of us!
Fuckin big d**k master! {Oh s**t! Aight...}
Oh s**t! {Aight, chill, chill, chill, give me five minutes, damn!}
Well, get the f**k up!
Jake, hurry up, 'cause you know I gotta get home to my n***a... 'cause you know...
You know you gots to get some at home, hahaha...
Now I抦 lovin that big
{Ooooh, s**t!}
Ha ha.. What? You got a problem?
{Man, f**k your man, know what I抦 sayin? I抦 Jake Steed. B***h!}
What??!! Who you callin? A b***h?
{You! B***h!}
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Pause For Porno Lyrics

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Dr Dre – Pause For Porno Lyrics

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