I, The unhappy hole in the wall
Parasitic life form preys and crawls
Feverish falters modern day
Enslaved by the suits who refuse to move
Sanctioned off by the ones who chose
To force their nails into unfit grooves
To lose whats lost in a minor cost
Evaluate pagan like iron force
Thrown, thrown off course
Born, born into death
We are living in bludgeoning times
Swimming in anger and crushed by the tides
Long before they crossed the line

Vowed they won't take us alive
Push forward, Nation they can't take us alive
Push forward, Nation they can't take us alive
We walk on broken glass with shattered hearts were moving on
Shark like mannerisms
Picking up their scent of the blood left over
From the violence shed
Twenty first century trojan horse
They welcome us in and they open the doors
Once through the gates we fuckin' tore them apart
Dismember the untouchables for posing as gods
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Thinner Lyrics

Dr. Acula – Thinner Lyrics

Songwriters: Bill Graffeo, Casey Carrano, Jeremy Comitas, Jesse Ciappa, Kevin Graffeo, Ricardo Ostolaza, Tyler Guida
Thinner lyrics © Another Victory Publishing

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