Clara Clairvoyant
Consultation 10 to 4
In the shadows
Leave skepticism at the door
Oh oh oh rap tap table tap
Have you anyone to talk to
Not quite living on the other side, contact
Clara Clairvoyant
Her consultation is 10 to 4
Kathy Kathoolica
In the box from 3 to 4
In the shadow
Leave genitals at the door
Oh oh oh but but tut tut
Have you any perversion to confess
To the lumpy cassock on the other side
Kathy Katholica
In the box from 3 to 4
Rocky Rock'n'Roller
Sometimes up and sometimes down
In the long run
Take the path down on the ground
Between lost belief and gross fear
Have you any idea how much you have?
Not quite nothing and not quite all!
Psychedelic Yogi
Is not a very groovy groovy guru

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Clara Clairvoyant Lyrics

Donovan – Clara Clairvoyant Lyrics

Songwriters: LEITCH, DONOVAN
Clara Clairvoyant lyrics © Peermusic Publishing

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