She moved out to Hollywood because she wanted to be a big star
And party on the floor with the rock stars gettin' it on.
5 star restaurants couldn't burn a bone she prayed,
For livin' the life of a million every night,
Shes addicted to the life.

The lavish life of a hollywood girl,
Party all night, gettin' high off life, party all night (welcome to Hollywood)

Directors, movie scripts, chandeliers, take a sip
Shes headin' straight to the top.
Flyin' on the first class plane speedin' in the fast lane.
Headed to the Oscars who's gonna stop.
Who's gonna be there, baby when it all goes down?
She's addicted to the life


Inhale-ex hale the night light, champagne keeps pourin' all night,
Keep movin' till the sunrise, till we break daylight
Inhale-ex hale the night light, champagne keeps pourin'
All night keep movin' till the sunrise till we break sunlight

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Hollywood Girl Lyrics

Donnie Klang – Hollywood Girl Lyrics

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