I've waited all my life to find that special someone
Someone I could call my own
Someone to stick by me through good times and bad
No more playing games, I'd never be alone
Someone stole my heart and then he ran away
I gave the best I had to give
I need somebody whose not in it for the taking
Someone who needs me as long as we will live

Chorus: But I can't, win for losin'
Tired of giving everything sonow I'm giving in
Cause I can't, win for losin'
I don't need no one to break my heart again

There's nothing greater than someone by your side
Under the full moon and stars
But if all they wanna do is cause you pain,
You're better off alone
Without a broken heart
No matter what I do to try to make love stay
I just can't seem to win
I'd climb a mountain and swim across the sea
Just to find my heart in pieces once again

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I Can't Win For Losin' Lyrics

Donna Hughes – I Can't Win For Losin' Lyrics