Seemed like everything was cool until you came home yesterday
And girl you know I ain't nobody's fool,
Yet you insist on treating me this way
And I can't believe after all that we've been through,
You still think you can hide from me
See I know something's wrong with me and you,
This ain't the way true love's supposed to be
Are you still feelin' me

Am I still the 1 you love
Why does it seem like something's changed with you and me
Oh how I wish things were the way they used to be
I need to know if you still believe
Do you still believe in love

Is this really what you want
Is there somewhere else you'd rather be
Oh girl why can't you just tell me the truth
Instead of playing all these games with me
Are you still feelin' me

Chorus till end
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Still - Life Goes On Lyrics

Donell Jones – Still - Life Goes On Lyrics