Gongggg gonggg (cymbals clash)
(Spoken) When your stomach speaks
You forget your man
When your man speaks
You forget your heart
But when your heart speaks,
You forget everything

(Sings) ohhh, the night was splendid and serene
Yes, when a native girl wiggled right into my dreams
She-ee did a little dance
It seemed so popular
Mmmmm and I loss my heart in darkest Africa

She did a dance
It brought romance
The Elephant Walk
And whoa whoa whoa those swaying hips-a
They put me in a trance
Mmmmm all at once I began to dance
The feeling, yeah yeah yeah yeah
Is paradise I know
For an American boy from the south side of Chicago
Elephant Walk ohhhhhh
La la lourd lord lord
Crazy memories
Laud laud laudy laudy Lord
If they knew what I know
There wouldn't be no wars
There only be time for a little girl and boy
Crazy melodies, always haunting me
Crazy melodies, always haunting me-eee
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Native Girl (Elephant Walk) Lyrics

Donald Jenkins & The Daylighters – Native Girl (Elephant Walk) Lyrics

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