See those eyes, he's in the zone
A machine made of muscle and bone
But he rocks with a rhythm and a flame in his soul
And it's warm when he's all alone
He's the living definition of flow
Cruisin' in complete control
And he's got a pair of feet that glow with
Supreme performance, in a league of his own
For to run is a freedom that grows
Every time he takes off and explodes
More honest than any he knows
And if anything goes, the champ's gotta pose
The lion in the golden shoes
Roaring and blowing a fuse
'Cause he can't be controlled and he can't be contained
Now pound that chest, you're the best
There's few that can test you, don't rest
Move further out, not a moment to lose

You're running on ice
You're running on fire
Running man
Now run like the wind
And make those suckas retire
Running man
You're running on ice
You're running on fire
Running man
Don't you know it's a sin
You're like a rocket messiah
Running man

You got me feeling like a child
With my arms in the air gone wild
And the moment you smiled, like a bonus supply
Of power that hit me with a four letter cry
Now it's on, with the clench of a fist
Pensively kiss your fingers with a twist
Got a war to commence with a blitz
The applause, the attention, and bliss
For to run is divine and we long
To be light, to be fast, to be strong
Those legs ain't legs, they're wings or wheels
And it feels like I'm flying along
Stay defiant in the face of the odds
And aspire for greatness across
Every land, every track, every country
And never look back when you're hungry at heart
When you run you depart, it's upon you to start
Running and stunning in every regard


You're running on ice
You're running on fire
Running man

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Running Man Lyrics

Don Johnson Big Band – Running Man Lyrics