(P. Murray/E. Monet/N. bonniere)
You work so hard
And you sleep like death
You dream love and money
With every breathe
So strong, so sad, so lonely
Lost in a trance
Your eyes, so soft, so innocent
Who would doubt that you were shy
You stroke her face
But your smile is sick
You get love for money
And you fuck like a pig
How long can this keep going on
Living your lies
You shroud the rape in innocence
After all the sorrow, ho why
So, one night we'll meet
I'll be ready to take a chance, take a chance
To fight the fear to make it end
I'll take a chance
Go work so hard
Go sleep like death
You make love and money
With every breathe
You make lmove and money...
Go now, go now...
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Love And Money Lyrics

Dolly – Love And Money Lyrics

Songwriters: JAMES GRANT
Love And Money lyrics © EMI Music Publishing

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