Chorus: I’m the queen of the sleazy tabloidsi rule the trashy kingdomlike lady di they make sure I am never left alonepapparazzi and reporters stalk me from the shadowsmaking sure to kepp my royal assetts on my throneoh they talk about the loversthat I keep undercoverand I wish that I was as much funas they have you believejust like alec baldwini’d love to whack ’em all onebut instead I’ll wait and seewho I am sleepin’ with next weeki’m the queen of the sleazy tabloidsand I rule the trashy kingdombut the rumors raise my cue scoreand pay for my big homei guess I ’augt to sue thembut instead I guess I’ll use themto keep me in the spotlightand keep me on my thronecause I’m the queen of the sleazy tabloids
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Queen Of The Tabloids Lyrics