(feat. Lorrie Morgan)

Who do you think you are
What do you think this is
A game you can play
Tryin' to steal him away
Well, I don't need a heartache like this

Well, don't think I don't go through hell
But heaven is what we both want
He's easy to love, but he's hard to give up
And if you think I will, well, you're wrong

The best woman wins
I will fight 'til the end
I'll lay down and die if I must
I'll beg and I'll plead
I will suffer and bleed
But he must make a choice between us

This soap opera play that we're in
Is just like you watch on T. V.
But I never thought that I'd ever get caught in it
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Best Woman Wins Lyrics

Dolly Parton – Best Woman Wins Lyrics