The grass has always been greener
On the other side of the wall
And you've tried to walk between the two
But you're not sure if you might fall
Oh, and you try - you try -
You do nothing but try
Only to sink right back down
And it feels like things used to be different
But maybe you're wrong somehow

Suddenly, one day you realize
That things just aren't what they seem
There never was subject and object
Never was a you and a me
Oh, and everyone calls you a liar
And tells you to forget what you've seen
But you've seen for yourself The Great Flower
And She blooms in the spaces between

Strange-looking fishes
And crabs without legs
You get lost in the sea
Swimming 'round in your head
The Captain, he calls you,
"Come back to the shore!"
But something tells me
You're not here anymore...
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The Spaces Between Lyrics