When I creep through
Ni***z is see through
Just like negligee (Uh!)

Verse 1: dmx

Ain't no talkin cause there ain't much that the dead can say
Long as I'm walking I be strappin my dogs (Uh!) (Whoooo-hooo!)
Rackin the hogs
Desert Eagle packin the morgues (What?)
Metal slabs with yellow tags on toes it's
What happens to those that (Uh!)
Chose to be foes and (uh-huh!)
Bet his man knows
But yo, we only get stronger (Uh!)
And the amount of time we're facing is only gettin longer
Get the mayor on the horn! (Clue!)
(What!) It's time for s**t to go down (Uh!)
Strapped for the show down (Uh!)
Wet up yo crib, kick the door down
Know you schemin' so I gots to get you first
Put you right up in a brand new hearse
Could be worse (Whoo!)
Shoulda seen what I gave this n***a
Two vests couldn't save this n***a (Uh!)
The way I laid this n***a
Played this n***a
But that's what I'm good at (uh-huh!)
Layin ni***z out in fightin' pits and fu***n' hoodrats (Ha ha!)
Where's my fu***n' hood at? (Whoo!)
Cripple n****s like switches (Uh!)
Rip on n****s like b*****s (Uh!)
Then pour n****s in ditches (Uh!)
They ain't found half the bodies that a n***a caught
Or should I say a n***a bought
Cause ain't nothing like getting' paid for, a n***a sport (Aight!)
Triple what a n***a thought
But that's just how s**t be
I know that one day they gon' try that s**t wit me
But just as long as I'm on top of s**t
You ain't stoppin s**t
And ain't a m**********are droppin' s**t

Chorus: dmx

If it ain't ruff it ain't me (Uhh, c'mon!)
If it ain't ruff it ain't D (Uh!)
M to the X
Most y'all n****s is strait s** (What?) (shots)


Verse 2: dmx

Plenty of ni***z know dirty is how I do 'em
Put buck shots, from a thirty right through 'em
Cause ain't none of y'all muh'fuckers built for war
And I lay down the law (Clueminati!)
When I spray down the door
F**k around on my name will be 95-B-64-11
(What?) On a three-and-a-half to seven (C'mon!)
When even up north I put n****s to waste
So you wanna stop the violence?
Get the f**k out my face!
Parole before peeps hit the board off
B*****s is fuckin but I sleep with the sawed off
I got s**t to do, rules to break, crews to break
Before the news to break, I got dudes to take
I don't joke cause Jokers is cards
And cards are what I pull
Infra red with the clip full
No leash on the pitbull (Ha ha!)
That s**t is hot like the wax off a candle stick (C'mon!)
But how I handle s**t
Is to dismantle s**t (C'mon!)
Like Popeye when it's Spinach time (Clue!)
Runnin' through two ni***z like the tape at the finish line
What's your crew, gonna do when I put the pressure on
And it hurts, wannabe gangstaz in skirts (Aight!)
And the b*****s comin' all out them ni***z
One false move and their moms'll read about them n****s
And they wives'll be without them n****s
Matter of fact, I'm tired of talkin money
Throw your joints up, scrap, b***h (Ha ha!)

Chorus 2x

Outro: dmx & dj Clue

(Dj Clue!)
Ni***z won't creep in the streets with me
(Desert Storm!)
Cause you know what fuckin with these streets would be
The Professional Part 2!
Muthafucker! (Ha ha!)
Uhh, huh-uh (My n***a Ray! Dmx! My n***a D-Wha!)
Pa-pa-pa-pa n***a!
(Yo Ruff Ryders! Word up!)
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